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Thousands of American mustangs are now in holding facilities, without their freedom, families or a natural way of life.  Our dream is to one day see that all wild horses are set free from the bondage of holding and allowed to realize a new freedom, a new family and a familiar way of life.



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​coming soon!
​coming soon!

Conveniences to be added to our friendly setting

When visitors come to Steadfast Steeds, we want them to be comfortable and enjoy their time here!
Currently, the Sanctuary does not have sufficient restroom facilities for clients, tours, volunteers and events. And while we want guests to have the experience of being outdoors and among wild horses- our hope is to provide the ability for people to answer nature’s call without actually having to be in nature.
That’s where you come in…and you don’t even have to knock first! Please consider a donation to help Steadfast Steeds purchase a Port-A-Potty so we can better accommodate you during your next visit to the Sanctuary! 
If you’d rather support a less-smelly endeavor, we also hope to purchase a pop-up event tent.  This type of tent would be used to provide our clients and volunteers shade and shelter.
We need $1000.00 in support of these two items. 
Secure online donations can be made or mail a check made out to Steadfast Steeds to P.O. Box 3953 Grand Junction, CO 81502.
Thank you for considering a donation, and for your unwavering support of Steadfast Steeds!
Potty & Pop-up $20.00
Potty & Pop-up $200.00
Potty & Pop-up $100.00
Potty & Pop-up $50.00

Give the Gift of an Amazing Memory 
A colorful keepsake Gift Certificate will be mailed to you for presentation or can be mailed directly to the recipient.

$50.00 GC
$250 GC
$100 GC

Meet the Band
    Meet the Band

  3. Mazaska
  4. Izzy
  5. Casanova
  6. Suede
  7. Satin
as of March 6, 2018

Anna Twinney is here April 28 - 29

She will be presenting Natural Horsemanship for the Mustang Enthusiast on Saturday, Animal Communication on Sunday. Come for either day! Come for both is even better! For online registration and other details, click here For more about Anna, click the image
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